What is WordPress? What Does WordPress Mean?

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What is WordPress? What Does WordPress Mean?

If you’ve ever thought about buying a website or learning how to make one you might have come across “WordPress.” An open source software that allows users to create their own website or blog. WordPress allows you to create a free blog that they host for you at www.wordpress.com, and you can download an entire, blank website at www.wordpress.org.

The free hosted blog will require you to use their domain extension www.TheNameYouChoose”.wordpress.com” These free accounts will provide a great platform to start blogging and creating content but they are limited. Users will not be able to download software or plugins like a shopping cart with this free hosted system.

The blank website from wordpress.org is very powerful. Users can code their own custom site, custom designs, functions etc. Or choose from a MASSIVE library of free themes, plugins, widgets etc. (themes plugins and widgets are like software that you can download to your site to get a desired look, function etc.) The free version will require you to purchase a domain name AND hosting before you can start building. (with our silver, gold and platinum Re-Sellers packages we buy the domain, hosting and set the entire site up for you!)


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