Wholesale SupplierA Health and Wellness Wholesale Dropshipper of Organic Oriented Healing Products And Jewelry That Can Be Sold Online or Offline.

Our wellness items can be sold through booths, mall kiosks, retail stores, swap meets and farmer markets. Or you can sell online using an e-commerce website and or other online selling tools for dropship or wholesale products such as E-Bay, Amazon, Etsy, social media, search engines etc. Our products are aimed at natural, organic or holistic healing.

Wholesale Access To Our Wellness Store Is Restricted To Members Only.

Enrollment is also limited in order to preserve the value of our natural, holistic wellness items. Our goal is to find someone that can sell these items in their area, online, offline at malls, booths, kiosks or anywhere you’d like. Users must sign up to gain access and will be able to order individual wholesale items or order bulk quantities for the best wholesale prices possible.


Included with wholesale and start-up memberships. Users can place orders manually and we will package and ship the item for you, or your new website that we build you (also included in the membership) will be able to accept orders which are automatically fulfilled and dropshipped for you.


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Our health and wellness dropship services are included as part of the wholesale memberships we provide with our business opportunity start-up packages.

We developed W2W.biz to be the best wholesale dropshipper of organic/holistic wellness products. These products can be sold just about anywhere and can bring impressive profit margins. Re-Sellers have sold these wellness products and explained the technology behind it through product demonstrations at some highly profitable, and high “foot traffic” physical locations using a simple booth or kiosk to display items.

Some people prefer to sell online which is why memberships include a custom website, domain name, hosting, payment processing and more. We provide technical support and assistance to learn what you’ll need to know in order to own and operate a successful business.

Our Wholesale Wellness Products Are Unique And Profitable:

All natural, organic, holistic healing or wellness. These products cater to a growing audience of health conscious consumers that are seeking natural, holistic products that have been reported to increase or improve chronic pain, memory, energy, sleep, mood, focus, and more.

Some of these items carry profit margins as high as $280+ on a single retail sale.

Learn more about our inventory:

Jewelry and Bracelets that have been charged to 7.83hz in order to produce the grounding effect on the human body known as Schumann’s Resonance which has been reported to improve the bodies natural performances. The product line functions at a molecular level by bringing your body back to it’s natural frequency. The products each contains metal, ores, stones, or minerals that have been charged using a reverse MRI machine.

Orgone is an energy force contained in objects built to balance energies by turning a negative energy into a positive energy. Orgone is known to produce many easily-confirmed effects. Orgonite functions constantly, all hours of the day, each and every day without electricity! It’s known to:

  • Purifies The Atmosphere, Detoxifies Water, Ends Drought.
  • Helps Plants Grow
  • Mitigates Harmful Effects Of EMF Radiation.
  • Inspires A Pleasant Happier Moods.
  • Helps Insomnia And Chronic Nightmares.
  • Helps Awaken Your Psychic Senses.

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the reiki master or therapist is able to channel energy into a patient or object through physical touch. A concept that is commonly practiced and used to improve physical and emotional wellness.

Wave 2 Wellness’ Reiki charged products provide consistent reiki energy benefits. These items have been hand designed and charged for increased physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness.

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a pain treatment method that uses a TENS unit to send low voltage electric current to the body through two electrodes. The TENS unit is typically a small handheld device that sends currents through electrodes and can be adjusted for various voltage or massage styles.


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