performance bands kioskIf Your Thinking About Starting A Mall Kiosk Or Retail Business That Uses A Booth To Sell Products It Is A Great Idea!

Wave 2 Wellness has made a living selling our holistic, organic and natural healing products from our mall and booth locations. We display and sell these items processing credit cards and carrying inventory at booths that are typically ran by one or two employees. We also have re-sellers that are owner operators (rather than hiring employees to run their booths.) Owner operators will save money on salaries which result in higher profit margins. We’ve developed our re-seller program as a distribution method to increase our product sales while allowing others to share the profits for using our turnkey small business services.

Our unique business opportunity will help you build an efficient, modern business opportunity that includes online and offline profit potentials. We will help you build your online business in addition to coaching you through the process of setting up a profitable new booth at a mall, swap meet, farmers market or flea market near you.

Just How Much Can You Earn?

Our first re-seller in a retail location generated about about $60k in just 3 months. That booth had 2 employees and was located in a popular shopping mall near one of the entrances. However the industry in general has generated billions of dollars each year! Starting a kiosk is the best option of all the business opportunities available to an entrepreneur. It requires little to no “skill,” costs much less than a physical retail store, and exposes your product to more physical “shoppers” than any other form of selling offline. Profit margins are typically higher at malls and booths than they are online.

Start Your Own Mall Kiosk And The Ability To Own A Profitable New Business!

A kiosk start-up requires little cash or skill to start compared to other legitimate/profitable start-up business opportunities. It’s a realistic way to generate a full-time, part-time, or passive income. Create multiple streams of income by adding an e-commerce website to the business model. A website will allow kiosk owners to hand their “no sale customers” a card or flier offering a discount for shopping at your online store later on. Websites can generate income multiple ways in addition to selling products. A kiosk/website owner could create second and third avenues of income using Google’s AdSense Program and or an affiliate marketing program(s).

Our Wholesale Kiosk and Booth Inventory:
Orgonite, Charged Wellness Jewelry, Reiki Charged Pendants/Charms, Chakra Stones, Chakra Wands, TENS Units and Accessories.

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