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Make Extra Money With Your Own Online Business

Make Extra Money Online

Generate an extra income online selling all natural, organic and holistic wellness products. We are a wholesale dropshipper of THOUSANDS of organic, natural and holistic wellness products for healers, reiki masters, pets, home cleaners, baby products, essential oils, cosmetics and other wellness oriented products. Let us show you how we can build you your very own business selling our wholesale dropship wellness products. You can make extra money online, from home, or on the go with any mobile device, anytime, any day.
Choose the right product and selling online can be a profitable, passive business opportunity!

Finding the Perfect Internet Business or Product to Sell Online

In order to make money you've got to sell SOMETHING?! Might as well choose a product that's in demand, is unique, has high profit margins etc. An e-commerce store can sell just about anything including gifts, toys, books, clothes, jewelry etc. You could sell other people or companies products or develop and sell your own, some stores will sell both. Certain industries are very crowded, easy to start-up and will have HIGH levels of competition. Although nothing related to e-commerce is really proprietary (especially in today's economy and digital age) smart internet business owners will find niche products that are marketable and have high upside. That's where we come in 😉

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Wave 2 Wellness' Health and Wellness products revolve around natural healing, organic wellness, the earth's natural frequencies etc. Consumers love these items, they love to learn about these items and the content is EASY to promote. With little to no competition and a respectable profit margin re-sellers have great profit potential and growth.

The Benefits of Starting Your Online Business with Wave 2 Wellness

Wave 2 Wellness' wholesale product line is available to all re-sellers, our product line revolves around natural, organic, health and wellness. We carry a series of items related to wellness including TENS massagers, Charged Jewelry (7.83hz, Schumann Resonance), Orgonite, Natural Stones and Ores etc. These items are in high demand,and this industry's projections are massive. Some sources have projected revenue above 10 trillion per year and higher!

Built for Teamwork and Success

Our Turnkey Start-Up includes a new website, pre-loaded with our inventory, payment processing, customer service etc. You never have to purchase inventory upfront or manage and store inventory. We are the dropshipper which means you never have to worry about placing/fulfilling orders, packaging or shipping products etc. In fact this entire program is streamlined allowing someone to start a new business and start selling online with little to no experience, knowledge etc. 

Wave 2 Wellness re-sellers will have their own "back office" offering users FULL CONTROL over their business, brand, logo, design, inventory, descriptions, prices/proits just about anything you can imagine. We will provide access to the members only learning center that has tutorials teaching you how to start, manage, and promote your new website. We encourage each new user to rely on our technical team and make the site your own. The more unique your website is the more likely you are to succeed. Users can add their own products, affiliates, adSense, write blog posts, create new pages, generate mailing lists, link with social media etc.

Want to sell offline too? PERFECT! Our product line REALLY sells well at mall kiosks, booths, trade markets, swap meets, etc. The demonstration and reactions on the potential customer's face is AMAZING. Most re-sellers will demonstrate our jewelry and how it works by conducting a "balance" test with and without the band. Users are able to see and feel how our product and the science of our natural wellness product line works. The customer testimonials you see on our site are real, and have been filmed live from mall or booth locations. We will be building to the collection of testimonials and recording new tutorials that are available to each website owner and are used to help sell the product online and still provide the demonstration.


Request more information and an account manager will be in touch within one business day. We will explain the system and see if it's a good match. If it is you could become the first re-seller for Wave 2 Wellness in your area, we can have your new business online within 48 hours ready to sell and ship items asap.