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Start a home based business and earn an extra income. Being your own boss and making your own schedule is fun and rewarding!

Start A Home Based Business

Are you ready to start your own business? Be your own boss, and work from home? Then you’re in the right place! When you start your home business with Wave 2 Wellness we will build your very own e-commerce website. We add our inventory, payment processing, and we actually ship every single order for you! The website is user friendly with a control panel that allows you to access your store, see your sales, change pricing etc.

Make Extra Money From Home

Once we build your online store there are several ways for you to make money. Selling products is the first way to make money. Your site is loaded with our inventory and you can choose how much you want to sell it for. Mark the price up as high or low as you want, we keep the wholesale cost for the item and you keep the rest. When the item sells we package and ship it out for you, then we send you a check (or paypal) for the profits on all your sales on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Additional Ways To Make Money From Home With Our Turnkey Online Stores

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Make Money From Home With Google

Did you know that a website can actually generate revenue many different ways? A website owner can partner with google to share revenue that’s generated when you place Google ad’s on your website. Google ad’s are commonly displayed on independent blogs and websites. If you wanted to blog about wellness, healthy recipes, workouts, or any topic that might target your audience then you could make money if these website users click on a google ad.

You can also make some extra cash from the comfort of your own home with affiliate links and banners. You can choose any affiliate you would like and add their link to your page. Each affiliate pays differently. There are thousands of affiliates to choose from, we like to start with cj.com which is a massive index of companies that offer affiliate programs for website owners to promote. You might advertise for an organic produce company, natural supplements or wellness programs. You could even promote for Discover Card or Go Daddy! There’s a pretty impressive list of affiliates that you can earn with.
List your inventory on high traffic websites like Amazon or Ebay. There are several popular sites that you can use as a tool to sell more products. People have made a living from home on these websites for over a decade. Since we are a dropshipper there’s no need for you to actually purchase products before listing them for sale on sites like Ebay and Amazon. You can list the item first, when it sells we will dropship that item to the customer for you. All you have to do is login and place the order, paying wholesale for the item and keeping the rest of the money for yourself as profits.
Although we are always adding new products and improving on our own product line you are always able to add your own products to the website. If there is a certain type of products that you want to carry and we don’t offer then we can help you find them and add them to your site. We’ve helped customers add artwork, handmade jewelry, cook books, custom orgonite and a series of unique items that have sold really well.

Creating a unique website and product line is always a great idea. Although we make money together each time a wave 2 wellness products is sold we encourage store owners to make their website their own. We can help you edit the look, logo, inventory and more.

No Experience Needed

Since we build your site for you there’s no need for any technical knowledge or experience. If you can check an email or login to a Facebook account then you will be able to manage the user friendly control panel. Everything is point and click, no need for coding or website knowledge.

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Enrollment is limited, we are looking for a few re-sellers in each state. See if this is a good fit for you, or see if you qualify to become a W2W Re-Seller in your area. Fill out the form and an account manager will be in touch asap and within one business day:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Organic, Holistic, or Natural Wellness & Novelty Products:

Our products are aimed at physical and mental wellness through a series of different applications. Some of our products line revolves around pain management, enlightenment, good vibes etc. We sell TENS Units for pain management and weight loss, natural stones and minerals that have been made into pieces of jewelry and “tuned” to synch with the earth’s natural frequency of 7.83hz, or something as simple as our natural wood cell phone cases.

We have startup packages that will fit just about any budget. Most store owners will spend less than $600.00 in their first year!

Low Cost + Low Overhead = Low Risk + Higher Profits

As a partner our goal is to help you sell as many products as possible. We actually make money with you on every sale. Store owners can advertise with

  • Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest etc.)
  • Retail and Auction Sites (list on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Rakuten, Google Shop, etc.)
  • Retail Booths, Kiosks (Offline at shopping malls, swap meets, flea markets, farmers markets etc.)

We have a marketing team that can help each new business owner with a marketing and business plan. We also offer training and marketing services if needed. Store owners can do their own marketing, hire us, or pay a marketing company to promote for you. Just like any other business there are an infinite number of ways to promote your business. We will work with you to create the perfect marketing plan that’s build around your resources (location, experience, goals, budget etc.)

We make money together on every product sale. When we’are able to work with distributors in each city and state we’re able to reach more consumers and sell more products. By taking advantage of the work from home business model we can teach you how to sell our products to consumers in your area, online and offline, that are interested in the products we carry. As a group we can use tools like search engines and social media to share our product line in a way that nobody could do on their own.

Google will allow each store owner to register as a retail store in their area. Meaning that consumers in your area will be more likely to see your store rather than one that’s registered in another city or state!

We’ve done really well offline too! Selling at retail booths and kiosk is extremely profitable. The profit margins are much higher than online due to less competition. For business owners that are interested in a little more than a home based business we encourage you to search for local locations that might allow you to set up a booth or kiosk and start selling. We’ve been able to expand from a single retail location in Arizona to about 8 locations in Arizona, AND THEN to Canada, Oregon, Florida, California, New York and more!

Each store owner is different. Some people are looking for a passive home business and others are looking for a full time home business. Depending on your goals with the business we can show you how to build a successful business plan and reach your goals.

It’s not realistic that you are going to get rich or make fast easy cash with any business. Most small businesses, or home businesses can generate a several thousand dollars a year if their managed properly.

Our top store owner was able to start a mall kiosk and employed two commission salesman. The booth generated over $60k in just 3 months!

The iRest TENS unit wholesales around $70.00 and can retail as high as $350.00 That’s about $280.00 profit per sale. If you sold just ONE PER WEEK you would earn almost $15,000 per year.


Skip the set-up fees and enter for a chance to win a free website, wholesale membership, dropshippping membership etc. The complete home business in a box. No set up fee and no monthly fees for 12 months!


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