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Start your own e-commerce business selling profitable health and wellness products.

We are a wholesale, dropshipper of organic, natural and holistic wellness & Novelty products. You can make extra money as a store owner by selling OUR inventory on YOUR site. We process all the orders, ship all the products and you keep the profits. We build your website for you so there's no need for technical knowledge or experience. Our goal is to find partners in each city and state. We can reach more customers and sell more products together!

With our turnkey startup business there's no need to purchase inventory upfront, low start-up costs and high profit potentials. Store owners actually own their domain name and website with the ability to customize, edit, add your own inventory, edit pricing etc. We help you every step of the way!

We will show you how to generate income several different ways with your new website:

You Can Make Extra Money With Google, Affiliate Partners, Ebay and More!

Make Money From Home With Google

Did you know that a website can actually generate revenue many different ways? A website owner can partner with google to share revenue that's generated when you place Google ad's on your website. Google ad's are commonly displayed on independent blogs and websites. If you wanted to blog about wellness, healthy recipes, workouts, or any topic that might target your audience then you could make money if these website users click on a google ad.
You can also make some extra cash from the comfort of your own home with affiliate links and banners. You can choose any affiliate you would like and add their link to your page. Each affiliate pays differently. There are thousands of affiliates to choose from, we like to start with which is a massive index of companies that offer affiliate programs for website owners to promote. You might advertise for an organic produce company, natural supplements or wellness programs. You could even promote for Discover Card or Go Daddy! There's a pretty impressive list of affiliates that you can earn with.
List your inventory on high traffic websites like Amazon or Ebay. There are several popular sites that you can use as a tool to sell more products. People have made a living from home on these websites for over a decade. Since we are a dropshipper there's no need for you to actually purchase products before listing them for sale on sites like Ebay and Amazon. You can list the item first, when it sells we will dropship that item to the customer for you. All you have to do is login and place the order, paying wholesale for the item and keeping the rest of the money for yourself as profits.
Although we are always adding new products and improving on our own product line you are always able to add your own products to the website. If there is a certain type of products that you want to carry and we don't offer then we can help you find them and add them to your site. We've helped customers add artwork, handmade jewelry, cook books, custom orgonite and a series of unique items that have sold really well. Creating a unique website and product line is always a great idea. Although we make money together each time a wave 2 wellness products is sold we encourage store owners to make their website their own. We can help you edit the look, logo, inventory and more.

Turnkey Business

When you start your business we handle everything for you. Theres no need for experience or technical knowledge!

  • Choose Your Own Domain Name
  • Website and Inventory Included
  • Never Store or Ship Items (we handle that)
  • We fulfill all Orders, Processing, and Customer Service
  • You Have Full Control; edit the design, add your own items, edit prices, create coupons, specials etc.
  • Free Marketing Resources, Video Tutorials, How To's etc; we make money together on every single sale.
  • Our Top Sellers Was Able To Generate over $60,000 In 3 Months
  • No Need To Purchase Products Up Front

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