Participants must be 18+ years of age.

W2W Turnkey is a start-up business for entrepreneurs or people looking to start their own business. The concept derived from our personal success in selling our holistic wellness and healing products as alternative medicines. We offer our wholesale inventory and drop shipping services, web design, technical and marketing support etc. However there are no guarantees implied or written regarding your success rate or any gains as a member or participant of Wave 2 Wellness’ re-sellers program. This is not a get rich quick program.

Each new client will receive their own domain name, website, access to wholesale invenotry, technical support etc. These are tools that you should use to promote and build your own brand. We encourage you to add products/services to your site if desired, however you’re soley responsible for the content and fulfillment of those products and or services.

Fulfillment for products or services sold online typically require a toll free line, customer service, shipping, payment processing, warranty (if applicable) etc. If you choose to handle your own customer service or to edit/improve any products and or services on your site you must provide your own fulfillment!
Maintnence for your site will be included in your monthly service fees. Website maintnence is limited to the content and products that has created and built for you. Once you edit that content by adding programs, plugins, extensions, custom coding etc. It becomes your own responsibility to manage and maintain the site in it’s entirety.

Do not promote or incorporate your new website or our product line with anything illegal or potentially harmful to ours or your own reputation. Remember that our products are NOT a replacement to natural medicine or medical practices!

Wave 2 Wellness will require signed invoices, service agreements as well as required tax forms before we are able to process or send ANY payments or profits that might be earned as a result of this website. You should contact your accountant or tax specialists if you need help filling out any tax papers.


Due to the nature of the services provided Wave 2 Wellness and it’s associates or sub-sites (.biz, etc.) DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS. Your domain registration, web design, consulting, hosting etc. are NON REFUNDABLE. We care about your success and we’re dedicated to providing as much support as possible.