Wally’s Natural Products All Natural Flea Control Pet Spray – 12 oz – 1 Count



Its easy with Wallys All-Natural Flea Control Pet Spray. Proven to kill fleas by contact this unique blend of organic ingredients is gentle on pets yet harsh on fleas. Stop the fleas from coming back quickly without the use of expensive flea treatments, flea bombs, or dangerous chemicals. Instead take advantage of the natural pest control power of peppermint, clove and cedar oils as they keep your pet and family from getting flea bites. Unlike dog shampoo you can use this pet safe bug spray without water. Leaping Bunny approved, certified to contain 85% organic ingredients, packaged using post-consumer material, and manufactured in a solar powered manufacturing facility allows you and your family to be free of fleas the natural way.Used for:Fleas on dogsFleas on cats