Via Nature Carrier Skin Care Oil – Sweet Almond – Moisturizing – 4 fl oz



Moisturizing and Nurturing with Antioxidant Vitamin ESuited for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Via Nature Skin Care Oils are developed to blanket and nurture and your skin with rich emollients.These oils are often referred to as Carrier Oils because they are a popular oil for the therapeutic delivery of essential oils. Via Nature Oils are excellent for conditioning and hydrating your skin. These special oils support all types of healthy skin and are the perfect base for the creation of personalized skin care blends. Try adding Via Nature Essential Oils to skin care oils for an added fragrant experience and other essential oil benefits. Sweet almond oil is an excellent emollient that smoothes and softens skin and hair. This cold pressed oil, native to the Middle East, is popular among massage therapists for its silky texture, but it also has many cosmetic benefits due to its high vitamin E content. Use sweet almond oil to relieve dry, cracked and irritated skin, or add it to you lip balm to treat chapped lips. It works especially well when applied to the thin skin around your eyes to keep the area supple and soften fine lines. Sweet almond oil also works wonderfully as a natural hair treatment. Apply it before you bathe as a pre-wash conditioner, or use it after bathing to protect hair from styling and split ends. This dual moisturizer will infuse hair with shine, while also nourishing the scalp.