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Simply Choices Protein Chips – BBQ – 33 grm – Case of 12


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Are you searching for a savory alternative to the endless variety of sweet protein supplements?Look no further and rethink snack time with our new Simply Protein Chips! Available in three savory flavors: Chili, Herb and BBQ. Each 33g bag of Simply Protein Chips contains 15g of pure pea protein and only 140 calories, 2g of sugar and 4g of fat!Our chips are also gluten-free, all natural, low sodium, vegan, high in iron, and kosherOur high protein snack chips keep you full and satisfiedPrevent weight gain by weaning off sweetened content and avoiding non-caloric artificial sweeteners (which lead to obesity) with our savory Simply Protein ChipsEat Simply Protein Chips for:Dieting and weight lossGetting more protein in your dietReplacing your unhealthy savory snacksTravelling and snacking on-the-go