Negative Ion Health Wristband of 2-Tone Design (Black/White/Navy)


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Constructed from the highest grade silicone on the market, the Dr-ion wristbands of two-tone design contain the proven presence of negative ions in each piece, i.e. more than 2200 negative ions per cubic centimeters per second.
With two different designs / colors on both sides, the reversible wristbands are available in various colors. Encased in a clean acrylic case inside a luxurious golden wooden box, the wristband features the Dr-ion logos on both sides. As a perfect companion for your daily activities, the Dr-ion negative ion wristband of two-tone design is also a perfect gift for people you really care.
Also called Power Wristband/Bracelet, Energy Wristband/Bracelet or Health Wristband/Bracelet, the Dr-ion`s negative ion wristband/bracelet is ultra light, very flexible, fashionable and reversible.

Q: Regardless of manufacturers or brands, all the negative ion products available in the market should be the same because they all emit negative ions anyways. Am I right?
A: Absolutely wrong. As a matter of fact, that’s what all the manufacturers and brands of cheap negative ion products want you to believe or think that way simply to sell their products. How much negative ions a particular negative ion product emits is all that matters and is the most important factor of all no matter what. Think of computer monitors or TV screens of low and high resolutions. Which one would you choose, a low resolution monitor or a high resolution monitor? In this analogy, we can proudly announce that the negative ion products by Dr-ion are the computer monitors with the highest resolution that you can find in today’s market.

Q: What makes the negative ion wristbands by Dr-ion so stand out and so different from other products?
A: Because they are so powerful and effective by the proven presence of the highest content of negative ions contained in Dr-ion negative ion wristbands (bracelets), compared with others. The average measurement of negative ions on Dr-ion wristbands is more than 2200 negative ions per cubic centimeters, with the highest measurements up to more than 2700.