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Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts – 0.9 oz Each / Pack of 12


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Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Description:

  • Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds
  • 8 g Omega 3 and 6
  • 8 g Protein per 25 g Serving
  • Vegan
  • Kosher

In 1995, I was unhealthy and unhappy. At over 300 lbs, I was unable to live the active, outdoor lifestyle I desperately wanted. Then, a friend introduced me to hemp foods. Packed with nutrition, these versatile hemp foods provided the nutrients my body was craving. Before long, I had enough natural energy to climb a mountain…and a message to spread once I got there.

Honestly, these nutty little nutrient-packed seeds changed my life. Because hemp foods did wonders for me, I wanted to share them with the world! So, I, with my friends Martin and Alex, started Manitoba Harvest.

Today, we’re proud to bring you Hemp Hearts, the very best and most nutritious part of the hemp seed, the heart. By shelling the hemp seed, you get only the center – with its raw nutrition, rich nutty flavor and tender crunch. It’s delicious. It’s sustainable. And it’s packed with goodness. Try hemp – it could change your life!

Hemp and Happiness

Mike Fata

CEO and Co-Founder

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