Mambino Organics Soothing Milk and Oat Bath – 4 fl oz


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This extra mild and botanical milky bath is made with natural colloidal oatmeal for dry, itchy and irritated skin, also moisturizing and nourishing milk for your precious little one from day one. Free of any detergents, preservatives and dyes, it allows the skin to build immunity naturally, while soothing and nourishing your baby’s skin…think deluxe baby pampering. It’s simple, fun and easy to use; also great for sensitive adults too! Note: A baby’s skin is super delicate, especially an infants and baby washes, too much too soon, which for infants is absolutely not necessary can cause topical dermatitis, such as the all too popular eczema, due to chemicals, fragrances, petroleum, chemical preservatives and the ever-present sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate. All infants under 6 moths of age just need a few products so remember less really is more. Benefits:

  • Colloidal Oatmeal – soothes and promotes skin healing
  • Whole Milk – moisturizes and protects delicate skin
  • Rose Petal powder – softens and nourishes skin
  • Calendula powder – great anti-inflammatory benefits