iRest Massage Sandal


These Sandals can connect with your iRest unit!

Stimulating the nerves and muscles in your feet prior to any other area of the body can increase the comfort and effectiveness of your massage. Also a great treatment for patients suffering from the common symptoms associated with diabetes, neuropathy and more! These sandals are designed to offer similar treatment to Reflexology, the sandals function off of pressure points with a focus on certain muscle groups.

Using the iRest Sandals prior to applying the iRest massage pads to any other portion of your body can increase the comfort and effectiveness of your iRest massage!

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These sandals work alongside the iRest Mini, and other iRest units that have the “foot” mode.

Your feet are an essential portion of your bodies overall health. Handling the majority of your bodies wear and tear it’s important to treat your fee the same you would a stiff neck or sore back.

The Sandals are great for diabetics and/or people with neuropathy. It functions off of pressure points and muscle groups very similar to Reflexology. Stimulating nerves and muscles in your feet for at least 20 minutes before placing the Units normal pads anywhere for massage will increase the overall treatment.