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Genuine Hematite Beads, Green Glass Crystal, Genuine Freshwa



FOUR LOOKS IN ONE A Magnetic Healing Strand that can be transformed into a Necklace, Bracelet, Anklet, and Lariat Genuine Hematite beads and Green Glass crystals make up this beautiful beaded strand The Genuine Hematite stone is useful for protection and healing, most specifically nervousness, stress, and its magnetism draws out illness and negativity. It also develops mental capabilities and stimulates the intellect. In use by the ancient Egyptians for centuries, Magnetic Therapy is an extremely strong natural force which aids in the relief of pain and is known to improve circulation and reduce stiffness. Our Earth has a natural magnetic energy field and because of all the construction and pollution we are limiting the amount of this energy that we absorb. This natural energy releases endorphins into our bloodstream and works as a natural painkiller. These Magnetic products replace this energy. Product Details Metal Stamp: 925-sterling Stone Details: