Digital Wireless Mini Stim EMS Unit


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Small but mighty, the Digital Wireless Mini Stim EMS Unit delivers both TENS and EMS in multiple programs at 90 mA. It is easy to use and is a very effective pain reliever.

  • Used to assist treatment of headache, toothache, back pain, tennis elbow, sports strains and muscle injuries.
  • 15 output intensities. Changeable LCD Display with TimerModeIntensity Level. Relieves soreness in the applied area.
  • Helps to strengthen and tone muscle. Effective in helping to manage particular pain problems. Device: White.
  • Primary Product Material: Plastic. Country Of origin: China. One Year Warranty.
  • Dimension: 5″”Lx7″”Hx1″”W. Weight: 2 Lbs.