David Kirsch Wellness Vitamin Mineral Powder – Raspberry – 30 Packets



Throw away your vitamin jars! This single-source nutritional powerhouse is your daily multivitamin PLUS! These delicious liquid vitamins mean you wont have to deal with all those pills. Plus, liquid vitamins are much easier for your body to absorb. David Kirschs Vitamin Mineral Super Juice is loaded with essential vitamins and mineralseverything you need in a daily multivitamin. Plus, it contains superior natural source antioxidants like spirulina, acerola berry, coral calcium and heart-healthy CoEnzyme Q10 and an extra boost of Vitamin C and D3. With three delicious flavorsraspberry, lemon and orangevitamins never tasted so good! 30 Day Supply (or 15 Day Supply if you drink 2 a day)