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Broo Shampoo – Hydrating – Warm Vanilla – 8 fl oz


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Broo Shampoo Hydrating Porter Warm Vanilla helps you go from dry to drenched instantly. Broo Shampoo is sulfate-free, color-friendly, pH-balanced, silicone-free, sodium chloride-free (gentle on chemically straightened hair) and 100% Vegan. Broo Shampoo lathers like no other natural shampoo. Hydrating Porter has a scent of delicious vanilla, toffee, and caramel notes, with a subtle chocolate and coconut finish. Broo’s recipe: Pop the top on a microbrewed Oatmeal Porter, with real oatmeal, to SOOTHE. Add a medium shot of BRLuxe, their revolutionary natural alternative to silicone to MAINTAIN MOISTURE. BST with Shea Butter to HYDRATE and SOFTEN. Blend with Broo’s unique mix of 3 gentle, sulfate-free cleansers. Serve up for a quenching Hydration Libation!