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Anutra Book – Nature’s Best Kept Secret – Angelo S Morini – 1 Book


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Learn why Anutras amazing nutritional profile makes it the single most important natural food discovery ever. Written by Angelo S. Morini, who initiated the cholesterol, low fat, trans-fatty acid and lactose free movement around the world. Includes over 175 healthy and delicious recipes complete with diabetic exchanges. Mr. Morini is a leading crusader for healthier eating, and the inventor of the worlds first non-dairy cheese alternative in 1972. Mr. Morini shares his knowledge of the extraordinary benefits of ANUTRA, an ancient super grain, once used by the Aztecs and now seen as the worlds healthiest whole food. Rediscovered and naturally recultivated this past decade, ANUTRA can contribute not only to a healthy diet but also enhanced performance, prevention, anti-aging and an extended life span. Packed with information, this book is a perfect companion for consumers who already incorporate ANUTRA Grain products into their diets or those just starting to learn more about healthier living. Clear, concise chapters explain how ANUTRA is a nutritional powerhouse and the benefits of The Seven Simple Steps of Anutrasizing will motivate consumers with its easy to understand strategies.

  • Perfect companion to the complete line of ANUTRA Grain food products currently in stores Nationwide
  • Over 175 healthy recipes, complete with Diabetic Exchanges
  • 12 Full Color pages of mouthwatering recipe photographs Clinical studies on Anutras properties show positive results in lowering blood pressure, body inflammation (CRP levels), and blood thinning (aspirin effect) and in reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.