Adako Celeste Stylish Leather Massage Chair

$4,749.99 $2,749.99

The Celeste is the most stylish, high quality massage chair ever made!

Retail $4750.00

Wholesale $2750.00

Earn up to $2000.00 each time you sell one of these amazing, stylish massage chairs!

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This chair retails around $4,750.00 with a wholesale cost of $2,750.00¬†that means you’ve got¬†about $2000.00 profit margin on this chair.

This chair sells really well at home and garden shows, on craigslist and through sites like amazon and ebay.

  • Advanced massage chair with the capability of over 10 massage techniques, including kneading, tapping, rolling, knocking and shiatsu
  • Air bags throughout the chair allow for air pressure massages on shoulders, arms, body, legs and feet
  • Presets include human massage stimulators
  • Back and leg rests are adjustable to different angles
  • Adjustable leg rest to accommodate for people of different heights
  • Simple appearance and design
  • Easy to use, touch screen remote control with screen to adjust your massage.

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Beige, Black, Brown