Black Stainless Steel Bracelet


Strength Level 3. The highest of the 3 Strength Levels we offer.
Strength Level 3. The highest of the 3 Strength Levels we offer.

This 7.83hz charged bracelet is made of stainless steel with a black laminate. It’s been charged 7.83, the earth’s natural frequency. The charge has been reported to improve symptoms of common ailments such as chronic pain, add, adhd, and has been reported to increase the bodies balance, energy, and more!

Mens: One size fits all, links can be added or removed to achieve desired fit.


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The Black Stainless Steel Bracelet has been charged to 7.83, the earths natural frequency. This sleek men’s bracelet is one size fits “most,” it’s links can be removed or added to in order to achieve the desired length.

Comes in a black laminate over  stainless steel.

We¬†distributing frequency charged jewelry for over 7 years. In accordance with Schumann’s Resonance, you can improve your bodies health and achieve optimal performance if your body is synched with the natural frequencies that the earth generates, frequencies that have been measured at 7.83hz. Our clients have been amazed at the improvements in their energy, balance, mood, and more when wearing or possessing our pieces!


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