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100% Pure Organic Argan Oil (1.5 oz) – Single Bottle


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Moroccan Argan oil is known for a variety of benefits to the skin, hair and body. It is naturally rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids vital for the skin and hair. It has been known for its anti-aging and healing properties, and well as being a lightweight daily moisturizer. In addition to its amazing skin benefits Argan oil has been used for centuries to control frizz and split ends, soften cuticles and condition nails.”” Sold Individually Our Argan oil is pure and organic. has been cold pressed from the nut to ensure that the rich nutrient value of the oil was not lost during extraction.
INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Argan Oil
Paraben-Free. No animal testing. No dyes or pigments.
Customer Testimonial – I have been using the 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil since June. I wanted to use it as a nightly facial moisturizer, because I have never found a moisturizer that didn’t make me breakout. At first, I was unsure how much to use, or how exactly to apply it. However, after the first two applications, I figured it out, and it has been amazing. I pump one small drop onto my hand and rub it into my hands (it feels so luxurious), afterwards, with a feather-light touch I smooth the oil over my whole face. Additionally, because I have always had dry, chapped lips, I rub whatever is left into my lips, they drink it up and are left supple and hydrated. Literally, within two minutes, the oil is absorbed into my face and hands and there is no oily feeling left behind. The only thing left Please note: If there is a color/size/type option, the option closest to the image will be shipped (Or you may receive a random color/size/type).