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Start as an affiliate for free, or start your own healing store for as little as $249.99 Affiliates will not have wholesale accounts or their own website, however they will be able to earn for promoting the same way! We offer referrals for promoting our retail store as well as commissions for any re-seller accounts that you refer us! In addition to our unique affiliate opportunities we will introduce you to other great affiliate marketing opportunities such as Commission Junction! Every Free affiliate will receive *limited access to the Learning Center. The Learning Center is a resource that teaches affiliates and re-sellers how to advertise! Sign Up Here For Free sign up now free
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Free Affiliate Program VS. Starting Your Own Healing Store

Although free is nice, the paid programs that we offer provide store owners with MORE upside and profit potentials. With your own website and brand it's easier to profit and grow the business your way. Fill out this inquiry and we will contact you to explain the difference, answer any questions and help you get started. You'll be able to choose the free program or one of low cost start-up packages.

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wave 2 wellness offers three different ways for re-sellers to start their own store selling online, offline, or both!