Make Money With Your Own Website
With a website just like this all you have to do is tell people about your site and let us handle the rest!

Are you looking for some ideas to make extra money?

Consider starting your own wellness store. With Wave 2 Wellness’ turnkey wellness stores you can start your own business overnight with your own domain name, website, and the ability to make money MULTIPLE ways online. We build it all for you, add our products and then fulfill all the orders for you. All you have to do is advertise.

Wave 2 Wellness is a Wholesale, Dropshipper of a series of natural wellness products that can be labeled as healing products, alternative medicines, organic wellness products, holistic wellness products etc. The natural wellness industry is booming, it’s a great opportunity to make money online or offline. We’ve actually sold these items through our website, affiliate sites, ebay, amazon, at shopping malls out of retail kiosks, at farmers markets and swap meets etc. There’s a huge demand for natural, organic, or holistic oriented products including novelty items, stone jewelry, natural candles, essential oils etc.

  • Choose Any Available Domain Name You Would Like. 
  • We Build A New Website For You And Add Our Inventory.
  • User Friendly Back Office, No Experience Needed.
  • Add Your Own Products, Remove Products, Choose Your Own Pricing Etc. You Have Full Control.
  • We Process All The Payments For You. 
  • We Handle All The Orders, Shipping, Returns Etc. 
  • We Keep The Wholesale Cost, You Keep The Rest! 

Start-Up Pricing Will Fit Any Budget!

Learn More About Our Program, Ask Questions And See If There’s Room In Your Area!

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Start Making Extra Money Online
Make money online with your own wellness store

Make Extra Money Online

Sell products online and let us fill the orders for you, but don’t forget about all the other ways to generate an extra income with a website. You can earn extra money off of any website by working with affiliates and revenue programs such as Google’s AdSense. This means that you can make money from the traffic that hits your site even if they don’t purchase from your store. The more traffic you can get to your site the more you can earn. Some websites are able to sell advertising space, generate money with google, make money off of product sales, promoting affiliate links and then generating leads!

Make Money On Ebay & Amazon
Make extra money selling on outlets such as ebay, amazon, etsy etc.

Make Extra Money With Ebay

Since we are product oriented Ebay is always a great way to make some extra money with our program. You can list your new websites inventory on Ebay and when the items sell we will actually ship the items for you. This is a process known as dropshipping, a luxury that allows the business owner to sell and promote products without actually owning the inventory. Ebay is such a great place to earn extra cash because they are so popular. When you list an item on Ebay you have the potential to reach millions of potential buyers in single day.

Make Money With Amazon, Etsy, Google Shop & Other Retail Stores

Our product line goes great on all these sites! You can list and sell products just about anywhere. Since selling products can make you the most most money it’s a great idea to gain as much exposure as possible. Using these retail outlets you can reach people that might be on these sites AND the people you can drive to your own site. Sites like Amazon and Etsy are just as large as Ebay and provide great income potential.

Make Money From Home
You can make money as your own boss from the comfort of your own home when you start your wellness store with wave 2 wellness

Make Extra Money From Home

Since this business opportunity is internet based you can actually make extra money working from home. All you need is a computer and internet connection. As a home job you have the ability to promote your business in hundreds of different places. Just like Ebay and Amazon there are millions of potential customers that are reading blogs all day long, that are on social media and of course on search engines.

Make Money On Social Media
Make extra money on social media with your very own business

Make Extra Money On Social Media

Believe it or not social media has become a legitimate challenger to the search engines when it comes to generating website traffic and selling products online. The fact that there are millions of users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is great, but social media is also addicting. Users will check their social media updates and feeds more than anything else in a single day. With this many potential customers that are constantly checking their social profiles it’s easy to get your products in front of the right audiences. Successful business owners are able to generate consistent, residual traffic and income through their social media following. If you want to make money on Instagram, Facebook etc. It’s a good idea to own a website that’s able to take full advantage of any traffic that comes in.

Make Extra Money With A Drop Shipper

Start your new business with Wave 2 Wellness today and earn an extra income with our dropshipping system. We will fulfill each and every order for you, since there’s no need for you to purchase the items up front, ship them or store them in your home/office there is LITTLE cost and LITTLE overhead. We have low, flat rate dropshipping from the U.S. to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Our product line revolves around wellness oriented products, healing products etc.

Make Money Offline

Are you looking for something a little more hands on? We’ve seen amazing results selling our products from physical locations usually at a shopping mall kiosk or a booth at swap meets, fairs, farmers markets etc. You can earn an extra income selling these items just about anywhere. Ask us about financing and net 30 accounts. Our expert staff has developed profitable kiosk and booths selling each of these items, consulting is available!

Our Products Sell Great At Kiosks and Booths
Distributors can make over $1000 on a good day selling these items at retail booths!
Make Money Offline
Make extra money selling these products offline at retail kiosks in high traffic areas such as shopping malls, farmers markets, swap meets etc.