Read some frequently asked questions about starting your own wellness store with Wave 2 Wellness.

How much does it cost?

We offer multiple start up packages that range in price from as little as a few hundred dollars and upwards of a thousand dollars.

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a service that allows you to sell our inventory without actually owning it, or shipping it yourself. When an order comes in you tell us where to ship it and our warehouse fulfills the order for you. All you have to pay is the wholesale costs.

How long until my website is up? 

Once your domain name is approved we should have your new website built within 48 business hours.

Can I add my own products or inventory?
YES! we encourage you to build on our product line to include anything you would like! You choose the products you want, the prices etc. During your marketing consultation your consultant can teach you more about adding products and finding more products for you to sell!

Can I process my own payments?
YES. The site will come with our payment information configured. At any point you can link your own PayPal or merchant account, our technical team can assist you if needed!

Who ships the products and handles the inventory?

WE DO! when a new order comes in off of your site we will be notified and process the payment for you. If you choose to process your own payments you’ll need to check your orders regularly and use our fulfillment center to place each order. This is the same process for users that sell on third party websites such as Ebay or Amazon.

How Much Can I Make?

Just like a gym membership it will depend upon how you use the tools we provide. E-Commerce websites can generate big profits with the proper marketing management.

What Do You Sell?

A series of products which we promote as alternative medicines for holistic, natural or organic wellness.Some of our items are charged to 7.83hz for better balance, strength etc. We carry chakra stones, gems, diy charged jewelry, TENS unit massagers, infrared saunas and our product line is growing! Some of these items carry profit margins as high as $280 on a single sale!

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